Based on a bunch of s#%t you just can’t make up!

Based on true events which took place on Thanksgiving 2008 and set in the suburbs of Detroit, this is the story of Kevin, a guys guy who’s head over heels for his long time squeeze. Our journey begins with Kevin holding court to a band of local drunks, gushing over the huge step he’s about to take in his relationship HOWEVER, when things don’t unfold quite as planned, his best friend Brad comes to the rescue with the age-old advice passed down since man lived in caves; “Screw your way back to happiness!” With a heavy heart and no solace in sight, Kevin seems primed for a long slog of self loathing and suffering.  But when he reluctantly accepts an invitation to Brad’s home for Thanksgiving with an eccentric group of family and friends, the alcohol begins to flow and a series of outlandish events flip into motion that prove to be a hilarious and unlikely salvation for both Kevin and Brad… get your slicker ready! #10yards 🙂